Other Voices: Mud on the Stars

A huge thanks to Jennifer Horne and her students from Honors College shared book experience course.  We have added three papers from the course to the site – written in the voices of other characters from Huie’s first (and very autobiographical) novel, Mud on the Stars.  This book is a MUST READ for UA students — anyone who wants to get an inside view to The University of Alabama in the late 1920s.  Fascinating stuff!

Part of Mud on the Stars was adapted to become the film, Wild River (1960, directed by Elia Kazan), which we will be screening (the real reels, no dvds for us!!) at the Bama on 11/10! Don Noble will introduce the film, along with Jeremy Butler.  Did you know that Don also wrote the fascinating introduction to the UA Press edition of Mud, which is in print and available at the Supe Store, Amazon.com and other places.  Do yourselves a favor, and read it!